Snorkeling at Coral Islands

Board your very own traditional Long Tail Boat at Rawai Pier, just 40 minutes drive from Paresa, for a day at sea filled with turquoise waters, coral reef and marine life.

Phuket Island Tour

This tour is designed to make you discover the worthy sites of Phuket Island combining nature, religion, culinary and traditional spots sure to delight all your senses. Drive along Phuket's scenic coastal routes and stop at breathtaking viewpoints ahead of visiting iconic sites like the Big Buddha, Wat Chalong or Historical Phuket Town.

Jungle Trekking & Waterfall picnic

Neighboring Phang Nga province, north of Phuket Island, is home to the dense Lampi mountain range. Raw and rugged rainforest, like you have never witness it - a true 2 hours hike gem for those seeking some adventure in this breathtaking virgin forest scenario.

Bamboo rafting, ATV & Waterfall picnic

Abandon yourself to the sounds of tropical wildlife while you are guided on the bamboo rafts floating on the fresh crystal clear waters that originate from the luciously green Lampi mountain range. Explore the jungle by ATV ahead of a relaxing picnic by the 50m tall waterfall.

Bamboo rafting & Waterfall picnic

Abandon yourself to the sounds of tropical wildlife while you are guided on the bamboo rafts floating on the fresh crystal clear waters that originate from the luciously green Lampi mountain range. The waterfall is a local attraction and has a large natural pool excellent for swimming. Overall height reaches 50m and comprises multiple cascades.

Khao Sok National Park Lake Adventure<

Deep in the Khao Sok forest lays the breathtaking Rachaprapa Lake, spanning over 170 square kilometers. Embark on this epic journey across three provinces deep into the South of Thailand.

Land & Sea Cave Exploring

Explore the majestic elephant cave on a traditional bamboo raft and discover hidden lagoons by sea canoe. This exciting adventure takes you to the neighboring nature playground bay visiting secret temples, hundreds of years old geological formations and makes you experience Phang Nga bay at its finest.

Little Amazon Safari

Deep in the Thai jungle in neighboring Phang Nga Province awaits a gateway to endless waterways and mangrove forests ready to be explored. Here you will encounter majestuous pachiderms in their natural habitat for an up close and personal session.

Paresa's Heritage Phuket Walk

This sleepy village-like community has been preserved in time and the best way to experience it is at night in the cool evening breeze with centuries old Chinese shop house as a backdrop. The charm and true authenticity of this magical old town is hard to find anywhere else in Thailand.

Spiritual Blessing of Love - Tak Bat

Sunrise alms giving "Tak Bat" and a spiritual blessing at one of our favorite local pagodas. After "tak bat" we continue with our next rewarding way to connect with the Buddhist ethos of Thailand - a spiritual blessing and offering to the temple. Offering a small basket of items prepared by Paresa chefs, a monk gently pouring water over your hands to cleanse your spirit whilst chanting ancient Pali-Sanskrit 'mantras'. You will feel lighter and remarkably calm by this simple but very spiritual event, a welcome addition to the hectic lives we lives a special way to perhaps start your new marriage or just to unwind or end your stay at Paresa.

Phuket Old Town by Night

Experience Phuket Old Town by night when this sleepy village-like community comes alive in the cool evening breeze with buzzing street markets, cafes and centuries old Chino-Portuguese shop houses as a backdrop.

Paresa Sunset Cruise

Sip and savor onboard our own traditional wooden long tail boat while the sun sets over the Andaman Sea. A romantic escapade just for two to experience absolute peace and tranquillity over the calm waters in front of Paresa.

Catch Your Own Lunch

Deep sea fishing by long tail boat for a fun start of a day in Heaven. Gently rocked by the waves and kissed by the rising sun, surrounded only by the blue waters of the Andaman Sea, enjoy traditional style fishing and bring home the freshest catch of the day for a rewarding lunch.

Snorkeling on Wow Island

Discover the underwater paradise around Wow Island! The slow pace of the long tail boat cruising north along Phuket's west coast takes you to on the island's best kept secrets where unspoiled marine life abounds.